About Us

You will find everything here you need for decoration and painting services in Idaho. Our goal is to keep in mind your financial needs and the proper planning of your project throughout the renovation and decoration of your property. Whether you are looking to paint a commercial space, a public place, or a residential house, our team of professionals is trained in the latest painting techniques and have all the skills necessary to do a great job of finishing.

In the commitment that we wish to bring to our customers, instead of giving you an hourly rate, we prefer to assist you in the development of your project in order to best adapt our service, which combines labor and all the materials used. Our quotes are always calculated per m2 and take into account the surface area, type and condition of the supports and coating desired the number of layers to be applied, and the difficulty of access. All these criteria are the elements that we take into account to offer you a quote at the best price to carry out your project.