White Paint: How To Adapt Your Decor?

Popular Paint For Centennial CO Homes

Are you a tenant, and your lease does not allow you to repaint the walls to your liking? Don’t have time to do this work? Do you not have the budget necessary to buy pots of paint or tapestry? Or do you simply appreciate the purity of white for your walls?

One solution: bet everything on the decoration of your room to make it warm and welcoming!

Adopt Scandinavian Decoration For Your Neutral Walls:

  • The Scandinavian atmosphere is inspired by nature and therefore leaves room for a refined style to the maximum.
  • The white walls are thus the starting point of any Nordic decoration, fortunately for you who do not wish or cannot repaint your walls…

Scandinavian decor is made for you if:

  • Your floor is parquet or pastel in color,
  • You have wooden furniture, preferably light wood,
  • You are sensitive to vintage decoration while appreciating modernity.

Color The Furniture And Accessories:

  • The advantage of white walls is that you can dare everything on the furniture side!
  • For example, installing a colored sofa in a white room will add pep’s and assert a personal decoration.
  • With this decoration, no rule: the white walls guarantee that the room will not be overloaded, even with many colors on the furniture and accessories!
  • It’s up to you to choose if you want a monochrome decoration with a single redundant color, a duotone decoration with two dominant colors, or a multicolored decoration with multiple small touches of different colors!

Decorate the white walls with pictures or stickers:

  • The color of your furniture is not enough to make you forget the bland walls similar to those of hospitals? Opt for stickers and paintings!
  • Also, to follow the trend, you can place several tables side by side: black and white tables with graphic drawings and quotes for the design side, or any sort of tables for a more pop effect.

The pile of paintings thus created will make you forget that behind all this hides a colorless wall!